Complementary and Alternative Nano Medicine (CANM)
Energetic: When materials are reduced to nanoscale ..
 Effective: Medicine processed at nanoscale are highly..
 Economical: Since a fraction of material  is needed to.. 
 Environmental:   Most conventional drugs pose a dire..
 Ecological: This all translates  into relieving a great ..
 Everywhere Available: A great percentage of global ..
 Ease of Use: Most chronic diseases may be due to the..
 Eradication of Chronic Diseases: Nanoscale natural..
 Easily Affordable: And the  price is what makes them..
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Epidemic Disease - Influenza
Homeopathy in Epidemic
Homeopathic Flu Analysis
Flu Analysis Software Demo
On Line Miasma Analysis
Free Online Lectures on Homeopathy
Chronic Diseases
Eupatorium Perf 30S Thuja Occ 30S Ginko Bilboa Hawthorn Berries (Crataegus 30S)
Emerging Natural Nano Medicine .....
Miasma Analysis 
1. History of Miasma
2. Miasma in Homeopathy
3. Miasma Analysis

Miasma Analysis Software Demo
Demo Homeopathic Case Analysis
Demo Leukorrhea Analysis

Miasma Analysis $50.00
Flu Analysis $30.00
Homeopathic Case Analysis $50.00
Leukorrhea Analysis $30.00
S&H $4.50

Reverse Breast Cancer by J. Satti $27.00 + $4.50 SH
CD Contianin 16 PDF books for $3.00 each
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1. Homeopathic Drug Standardization
2. The Emerging Low-Dose Therapy for Advanced Cancers
3. Nano-scale drug processing simulation based on non-linear threshold
Save Trees and Save the Environment
Free On Line Lectures on Nano/Homeopathy