Why Nanopathy?

Nano scale contains materials with dimensions at nanometer (nm). It ranges between 10 - 100 nm. Such a nanoscale medicine 
may contain up to one million active atoms or molecules in a single dose. Our conventional medicine containstrillions of 
atoms/molecules in a single dose. Some of the benefits associated with nanoscale medicine are: 
 Energetic: When materials are reduced to nanoscale most of their physical, chemical, vibrational, electrical, magnetic, 
and biological properties converge. They become highly energetic. 
 Effective: Medicine processed at nanoscale are highly effective. This is due to the spread out of their reactive surface 
area. For example, Sodium Chloride (Natrum Mur) at nanoscale is 30 times more effective than its bulk scale counterpart. 
 Economical: Since a fraction of material is needed to produce a desired effect, the material cost is reduced manifold. 
For example, the price of some conventional drug for advanced diseases, such as cancer, may range up to $100,000. The price
of a natural medicine at nanoscale will be a fraction of this amount. 
 Environmental: Most conventional drugs pose a dire risk to our waterways and ocean in addition to danger to living organism.
The production of highly toxic drugs itself produces unmanageable pollutants. Such pollution is almost nonexistent in 
nanoscale natural medicine. 
 Ecological: This all translates into relievinga great pressure on our ecological system. 
 Everywhere Available: A great percentage of global population cannot afford the expensive drugs. Most countriescannot 
purchase advanced medical technologies for their ailing population. Nanoscale natural medicine is the only option for these 
 Ease of Use: Most chronic diseases may be due to the side effects of toxic drugs. Nanoscale natural medicine are free from
such drastic effects and easy to use. 
 Eradication of Chronic Diseases: Nanoscale natural medicine, due to their scale, can eradicate deep-seated chronic diseases.
 Easily Affordable: And the price is what makes them even more attra